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iSecured transaction

iSecured Transaction: for your peace of mind
Whether consumers are sellers or buyers, they can benefit from a program that guarantees their peace of mind when they complete a real estate transaction. This approach gives them much more benefits than any insurance because it eliminates right from the start any possible legal recourse.
With the iSecured Transaction (iTransaction sécurisée) program exclusive to independent brokers, consumers have no worries on the administrative level. They don't have to worry about long legal battles or insurance companies refusing to pay. Clients are assured of total peace of mind!
Also, this program has the advantage of providing a unique added value to the property. It is an additional asset that should not be ignored with potential buyers.
Contact me to get all the details concerning this program only offered in Québec. It meets concerns of homebuyers as well as homeowners wishing to sell their property.


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