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Giving you more exposure to get better results
Nowadays, a property's effective marketing is necessarily done through the Web. As an independent real estate broker and member of the RCIIQ, I make sure your property's detailed listing is posted on Realtor.ca (MLS/SIA system), the major real estate brokerage site in Canada. In average, this site attracts a few million unique visitors each month. I also offer a free Web marketing program that brings very impressive results.
The iExposure (iVisibilité) program allows you to post your property for sale at no cost on some 20 of the most popular sites such as Micasa. This means that more than 2.5 million additional visitors can see your property's listing. Moreover, with the reciprocal agreement between real estate brokers, each listing can also be found on hundreds of brokers' personal sites. Again, this means several new opportunities to sell your property under the best possible conditions. When one knows that 70% of all real estate transactions completed in Québec are made with the help of a colleague broker, this is really a tremendous benefit.
A simple and user-friendly approach
You have nothing more to do than give me the relevant information to fill out your property's listing in the best way possible. I will make sure your property is advertised simultaneously on some 20 sites amongst the most visited to guarantee it gets the most exposure to potential buyers no matter where they come from.
Major benefits for you
·         Free access to state-of-the-art and performing marketing tools.
·         More exposure on the most popular advertising sites (more than 2.5 million unique visitors).
·         A turnkey solution to save you time, energy and money. 
·         Effective means to attract future buyers and get higher offers-to-purchase.
I will be more than pleased to provide you with any information concerning this program and all the others at your disposal.


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