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Why should you call a mortgage broker?

You can count on a reliable source: your independent mortgage broker
The independent mortgage broker's role is to negotiate for you the best borrowing conditions while considering your needs. He is an expert who is not affiliated to any financial institution or private lender. He has access to a wide variety of resources and lending institutions as well as very competitive mortgage rates. In the case where the purchase of a property constitutes your main investment, it should be your most precious asset. You should plan the best financial strategy according to your situation.
In the past, potential buyers were relying exclusively on the services of their banks for mortgage loans. Nowadays, the situation has completely changed. There are more and more licensed mortgage brokers providing homebuyers and homeowners with a great number options.
As a member of the RCIIQ, the independent mortgage broker benefits from a significant volume of transactions coming from this network. He has more negotiation power than a simple individual. Therefore, he can get the best mortgage rates and conditions available on the market while protecting your interests.
A true professional and holder of an official license, the mortgage broker follows market trends very closely. He is familiar with the features of hundreds of mortgage products. He keeps informed of any new mortgage application or offer. In brief, he has all of the relevant information.
6 major benefits for consumers 
  1. Saving time and money.
  2. Having access to several competing lending institutions without having to do all the research.
  3. Getting sound advice that takes into account your current situation.
  4. Benefitting from a guaranteed secured loan*.
  5. Getting free services**.
  6. Getting substantial rate reductions to profit at the maximum from one of your lifetime's most important investments.
In addition, as an expert consultant, your mortgage broker who is a member of RCIIQ can help you save even after you have obtained your loan. As a matter of fact, he can propose various options to reduce your loan's amortization while considering your current situation. Therefore, you will reimburse your loan more quickly and save thousands of dollars.

You can also take advantage of his sound advice when renewing your mortgage loan or starting major renovations on your property.

*The mortgage broker who is a member of RCIIQ is governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act of Québec. He contributes to the Fonds d'indemnisation du courtage immobilier and takes out a professional liability insurance. Therefore, you have access to the protection established by legislation, to the Information Centre Info OACIQ and to the Assistance Department of the OACIQ if you need help from the organization.
**Standard residential mortgage



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